Superannuation Stapling

New ‘Superannuation Stapling’ Rules Introduced: What You Need To know

Key changes to super fund rulings and a mandate (from the ATO) to create a ‘stapled-fund’ came into effect on 1 November 2021. ‘Superannuation Stapling’ requires an existing superannuation account to be linked or ‘stapled’ to an employee, allowing for their information to be tracked as they ...

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E-invoicing & the Commonwealth Digital Business Plan

COVID-19 has pushed everything into the digital space, with most products and services receiving some updated form of online delivery. Payments are no different, with more companies opting to use technology to help them process digital transactions, largely thanks to the way it minimises health ...

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The 2022 Federal Budget and What it Means to You

The 2022 Federal Budget and What it Means to You

Following Treasurer Frydenberg’s budget announcement on May 11, the focus of the federal budget for the 2021-2022 financial is largely centred around rebuilding and restabilising Australia’s economy. The budget announcement heralds incoming changes for small businesses and individuals with ...

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tax audit protection

The Benefits of Being Tax Audit Protected

The newly acquired intelligence gathering and data matching capabilities of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are increasing the level of auditing activity for taxpayers. As a result, audits are expensive and for most unsuspecting businesses, an unbudgeted cost.

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Property purchase is attainable for many Australians again with various kinds of Government support

Why Now is the Time to Get into Your First Home

Entering the property market has steadily become a greater challenge over the last decade or so. Inflation, urbanisation, population growth and a range of other factors have increased competition, leaving many young people feeling as though they may never realise their dreams of property ...

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money wise rules to live by in 2021

5 Money Wise Rules to Abide by in 2021

People are always on the hunt for ways to soothe their financial pains and make their lives easier. But even if you are a big earner, your finances will always be at risk if you never consolidate them with the skills needed to effectively manage money. Developing financial management skills ...

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the small business digital adaptation program offers a $1,200 rebate to those trialling new software products

Small Business Digital Adaptation Program Grants Still on Offer

On the 15th of November, the Victorian Government initiated the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program. The scheme offers grants to small businesses to assist them in trialling new digital products and tools and is still currently open. With a registration deadline of 28 February 2021, there ...

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Industrial Relations reform aim to help the Australian economy to bounce back while the effects of COVID are still being felt

Industrial Relations Reform Leaves a Mark on Casuals

Recently proposed reforms to Australia’s industrial relations framework have incited controversy both within Parliament and across a variety of professional sectors. The omnibus bill has been slammed by the country’s peak union body, which has outspokenly criticised the legislation for reducing ...

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Landlord insurance protects landowners investments from a range of risks

A Guide to Insurance for Landlords

As a Landlord, your rental premises represent not only one of your most important and valuable assets, but a crucial source of income. Like most valuable assets, rental properties need to be protected properly with a well written insurance policy. Consider the following a guide to help you ...

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Echuca regio

Why Lockwoods Should Be Your Next Move

It’s that time of year again where many Accountants are looking at their futures. With the year we have all had, re-thinking what we want to do with our careers and lives is top of mind for many. Work from home (WFH) has become one of the biggest conversation starters particularly when people ...

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