Industrial Relations reform aim to help the Australian economy to bounce back while the effects of COVID are still being felt

Industrial Relations Reform Leaves a Mark on Casuals

Recently proposed reforms to Australia’s industrial relations framework have incited controversy both within Parliament and across a variety of professional sectors. The omnibus bill has been slammed by the country’s peak union body, which has outspokenly criticised the legislation for reducing ...

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JobKeeper 2.0 will extend until March next year

JobKeeper 2.0 – The New Requirements

We previously provided you with details of the eligibility criteria to continue to receive JobKeeper, past the initial JobKeeper end date of 27 September 2020.  Last week, the Federal Government announced an easing of the eligibility criteria and further details have been provided in relation ...

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Technologies make it easier for businesses to operate.

Four business technologies you need to have in the modern workplace

Investing in technology to improve your business is a more effective strategy than trying to cut corners to save money. Ensuring you have these four critical technologies in your business will not only improve your bottom line but protect you from the risks that come from being more reliant on ...

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9 business productivity tools

Simple ways to make your team more efficient When teams use the right tools to work together, they can make huge gains in productivity – and the final outcome. Developing new ideas, solving problems and getting things done more efficiently sounds great. But with an ever-growing list of apps and ...

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