Lockwood Partners are seeking experienced accountants to join our team

We are Seeking Experienced Accountants to Join Lockwood Partners

Lockwood Partners are a progressive accounting firm in the Echuca Moama region recognised for helping individuals and businesses with accounting and management services. Our holistic approach and the extensive experience of our team ensures that our clients receive a high level of advice and ...

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Home insurance is crucial to homeowners peace of mind and security.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

If you’re like most people, your home will be the biggest asset you’ll ever own. A properly written Home & Contents insurance policy is very important, and you need to gather enough information to help make an informed decision on the type of policy and level of cover you need. Home ...

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The mortgage holiday extension will offer borrowers the option to continue their repayment deferment at the cost of accrued interest

What You Need to Know about the Mortgage Holiday Extension

Come September, Australians who have been hit hard economically by the pandemic will have the choice to commit to a further mortgage holiday extension. While on the surface this spells good news, the extension is not without consequence. When deciding whether to continue the deferment period, ...

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The pandemic economy has forced many to focus on improving their financial management

Using the Pandemic to Improve Your Financial Management

Improving your financial management both individually and in business can often be seen as a daunting task and a skill that is almost impossible to attain without the right background. Regardless of this difficulty that sometimes holds us back, organising your finances is necessary for you ...

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Employees working from home are likely to claim new deductible expenses on their tax returns

What You Need to Know – Working from Home Tax Returns

While for many, working from home has been a difficult transition, there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of tax returns. For the first time, employees working from home will benefit from a number of deductions that were previously unavailable. What is important is that employees ...

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organisations must upgrade their cyber-security to protect themselves from increased cyber threats during the pandemic

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Cyber-Security Right Now

Between lockdown restrictions and the corresponding economic conditions, businesses have had a difficult time in recent months. For many, one thing has gone wrong after another – when it comes to cyber-security, much of this has been totally out of our control. Current circumstances have ...

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Increased cyber security threat have increased the need for cyber insurance policies

Increased Cyber Threat During Pandemic Highlights Need for Protection

We’ve all had to get used to dealing with the unexpected in business over the previous few months. The turbulence of the pandemic economy has forced many businesses to close or substantially modify their operation. Sadly, many organisations will be unable to bounce back from these challenges. ...

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Income protection insurance covers you when injury or ailment prevents you from working and making a living

What You Need to Know about Income Protection

When it comes to insurance, people tend to be mindful of their cars, home and contents and their businesses. Too frequently we see that people either neglect or simply don’t consider protecting their income. There’s no disputing that funding your day-to-day life is a key priority and purpose of ...

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Easing Your Finances with Loan Conversion

Easing Your Finances with Loan Conversion

Using a suitable financing strategy in the right circumstances can save a mortgage owner a lot of money and stress. The current economy has put pressure on all of us. Those with debt may be feeling particularly stressed at the moment, while their financial commitments are especially burdensome. ...

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Office 365 is a cloud technology software suite connecting teams and devices

What Office 365 Can Do for Your Workplace

The switch to cloud technology can be a significant decision as well as a drawn-out process for many companies. Although it may not be the best choice for every single business, its applications provide substantial benefit to many organisations, including in operational efficiency. Generally ...

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