5 tips to an affordable trip to Europe

A holiday in Europe, ah nice thought but too expensive right?

For most of us  – yes, the flights alone to somewhere in Europe would be too expensive, forget about it.

Well maybe not. Below are five quick tips on how you can save and plan for a holiday in Europe.

1. Purchase flights well in advance. If you plan ahead and book flights around 10 months before you can get great rates on a return flight.

2. Plan your trip outside of school holidays. Airlines and tourism industries often add premiums to their pricing during school holidays. So if possible plan your holiday outside of those dates to save.

3. Become an Airbnb user. It’s the cheaper alternative to hotels and resorts but still puts you right in the heart of whatever area you want to visit. You can find great apartments if you check the reviews and can save on dining out by cooking in your temporary home.

4. Pre-purchase tourist attraction tickets. Similar to booking flights in advance, you can save heaps on things like trips to Disneyland or a gondola ride in Venice if you book well ahead and search for pre-purchase savings.

5. Sign up to travel websites for discounts. Websites such as Expedia offer discounts on selected hotels for members. Bonus: membership is free!