Putting Your Best Foot Forward in the Pandemic Economy

While it feels like there’s no relief in the current pandemic economy, there’s always decisions that can be made to make the best of your financial situation. Reduction of unnecessary expenses is an activity all people can undertake, regardless of their socioeconomic background. While Australians persist through what is expected to be the worst recession in a century, smart decision making can alleviate significant stress.

A savvy approach to the management of your personal wealth is sure to make your finances go further. These are the key tasks you need to complete to limit your spending:

Financial Review

The most obvious and important task to help save your money is the repeated evaluation of your financial activities. This process will include reprioritising what is essential and what isn’t. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy yourself anything nonessential ever; it’s important to treat yourself sometimes to help make life easier – the key is moderation. Luxuries that create a big hole in your pocket are the types of costs that you’ll need to reevaluate. While this may seem obvious, its instrumental effect on your finances are often ignored.

Approach the review process as an auditor would. Your objective is to keep what you need and identify what costs are expendable. It’s a great accomplishment to manage this process of your own accord, but it’s never a bad idea to look for outside help or advice.


This is the obvious lead on from a reassessment of your expenses. Neglecting a budget makes it extremely difficult to know whether or not your spending is sustainable. A good financial plan accounts for your review, identifying the necessities as well as the extras that you can still manage. Sticking to your budget is never more important than in times of recession, so it’s important to be disciplined in this regard. You’ll be the one wearing the consequences if you fail to do so.

Financial Planning

If you’re unsure or unconfident about your financial management skills, it’s worth considering a consultation with a financial advisor. While this might be a new expense, the knowledge you gain from such a meeting is certain to lessen your financial strain in the long term.


The pandemic economy is proving a challenge to say the least. Income disruptions have put people in difficult positions and forced decision-making. It’s not so easy to come up with more finances out of nowhere, so the best way to continue through these circumstances is to improve your wealth management skillset. If you’re in need of financial assistance during this time, get in contact with the team at Lockwood Partners.