Home insurance is crucial to homeowners peace of mind and security.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

If you’re like most people, your home will be the biggest asset you’ll ever own. A properly written Home & Contents insurance policy is very important, and you need to gather enough information to help make an informed decision on the type of policy and level of cover you need.

Home Insurance

Like most insurance policies, it’s not always a case of one size fits all. You should take into consideration your and your family’s circumstances and make sure that the policy is adequate.

Always check ‘Exclusions’ and ‘Additional Benefits’ in the policy wording to make sure you are aware of what is covered and more importantly, what isn’t covered.

Some areas where people sometimes are exposed if they simply purchase a policy on price are;

  • Is the policy an Accidental Damage policy or a Defined Events policy? Take time to make sure you know the difference.
  • Are your Home Contents covered while away from home and are there any sub-limits (up to how much individual items can be covered for) that you need to be aware of?
  • Does the policy cover Fusion or Mechanical Breakdown?
  • What are the excesses on your policy?
  • Make sure the sums insured (how much your Home Building and Home Contents is covered for) is adequate to replace or rebuild. This should be reviewed each year.

Working with a Broker

When shopping for a home and contents policy, working with an insurance broker can be invaluable. Like any other kind of insurance policy, the market is saturated with options and extras which can make it difficult to know what exactly is needed. An insurance broker’s advice helps secure the policy suited to your individual circumstances.


If you’re looking for more information on home insurance policies or seeking to work with an experienced broker, get in touch with the team at Provide Insurance.