Cloud Accounting

What is the Cloud?

One of the greatest opportunities available to businesses today is to take advantage of the power of the cloud. What’s the cloud? It’s a fashionable term for the internet.

The cloud fundamentally changes your world and how you connect with all the people you do business with. Business is no longer bound by time or geography. Your business can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your office can now be where and when you want it to be – on the road, at home or overseas.

What are the main benefits?

Cloud Technology gives you the freedom to access your live business data anywhere, anytime via the internet. You also have peace-of-mind knowing your data is always backed up and accessible, online or offline.

With cloud products, you can:

  •  Access your accounts on any internet connected PC anywhere, anytime
  •  Link your bank account to automatically import and match your bank transactions
  •  Store your data securely online and make a local backup to your PC whenever you like
  •  Allow same time access for many people
  •  Enjoy improved data sharing between your business and our practice.

The three major pieces of cloud software we recommend are:

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