Our People

Lockwood Partners has over 30 staff who work as a team to achieve the business solutions our clients need to attain a balance in all aspects of their life.

Lockwood Partners

Andy McGlone
Brendan Hogan
Greg Dwyer
Mark Thomson
Anne-Maree Crosby

Brent Turner
Brendan Prendergast
Kate Armstrong
Nigel Berryman
Tania Walton

Andrew Wright
Luke Whykes
Rohan McMahon
Lynne Fleischer
Matthew Key
Rebecca Wright
Hannah Pearson
Hayden Favaloro

Kyle Coates
Lachlan Huismann
Shaelyn Walsh
Debbie Whitehead
Colline Egglestone
Fiona Davis
Anne Bennett
Leanne Paterson

Lockwoods IT

Shaquile Mubariz
Dan Egglestone
Keegan Griffiths
Lachlan Melton

Henderson Matusch

Chris Kadri
Tracey Parker

Provide Finance

Donna Anderson
Simon Randall
Darryl Brown
Zoe Friday